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Announcing The Brand New QuickPass™ In-Office Dental Water Test


Over the last few years, there has not been a hotter topic in dentistry infection control than waterline maintenance. With tragic infection outbreaks in Atlanta, Georgia and Anaheim, California impacting at least 91 healthy children displayed across headlines via CNN, NPR, Good Morning America, the LA Times, and others, it is no wonder why this topic has grabbed both industry and public attention.

To help practices ensure waterline compliance, ProEdge Dental Water Labs has developed the first in-office water test system designed specifically for dentistry. With several innovations, the QuickPass™ In-Office Dental Water Test makes waterline testing more reliable and economical.

“Dentists did not spend years in school and building his/her business to use energy worrying about waterline maintenance,” says Mark Frampton, President of ProEdge Dental Water Labs. “But we did. The QuickPass™ makes waterline testing quick, cost-effective, and most importantly, more reliable.”

The QuickPass™ is a heterotrophic plate count water test to help measure compliance with CDC standard for safe water (≤500 CFU/mL) and makes several key improvements:

  • Includes germicidal neutralization within the paddle for increased reliability (neutralization is recommended by OSAP and experts to provide accurate results when testing)
  • Contains quick-growing media for 48 - 72 hour results so practices can spend less time on waterlines and more time on dentistry
  • Leverages advanced technology to improve the readability of bacteria counts and provides actionable  results to make understanding the next steps easy
  • Includes complimentary consultations with ProEdge’s water safety team to develop best practices and improve results

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The ADA has long stated that “The only way to ensure effectiveness of a dental unit waterline cleaning regimen is to actually test the water coming out of the unit”, but increasing efforts have been made by infection control experts and regulatory agencies to improve compliance with these standards. Dental boards are developing new regulations in multiple states, OSAP published comprehensive recommendations in their initial installment of the Journal of Dental Infection Control and Safety, and the FDA is expanding responsibility on dental unit manufacturers.

At the office level, you want to feel confident the water they use every day is not putting patients at risk and fall asleep quickly at night without tossing and turning wondering if your  practice is at risk of liability.

The innovations of the QuickPass™ In-Office Dental Water Test solve both concerns and ProEdge’s free consultations ensure every practice has a partner ready to help them comply.


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