California Dental Water Legislation Roundup - SB1491 & AB1277

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding California's recent legislation concerning dental water. This post is going to clear that up once and for all. 

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The Latest on Assembly Bill 1277: Calling All California Dental Pros to Higher Standards

[Edited August 14, 2018]

Well, if you haven't heard, it is official. The Dental Board of California (DBC) passed the language of Assembly Bill 1277 back in May 2018 and it is calling all dental professionals to higher standards in dental unit waterline maintenance.

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California's Dental Waterline Legislation AB1277: What We Know So Far

In September 2015 the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report titled “Infection control policies and procedures” outlining protocols to ensure water at dental clinics is free from harmful bacteria and safe for its patients.

The report advised dentists and associated[...]

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