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Treating Dental Unit Waterlines - Where Do I Start?

With dental unit waterline safety being a bit of a hot topic right now, let's get you off to a great start.

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The Three Necessary Aspects of Every Dental Waterline Treatment Protocol

Developing a dental waterline treatment protocol (or procedure or strategy) isn’t difficult. Developing one that works, however, can be. There’s a lot of confusion out there about what works and what’s necessary.

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The Latest on Assembly Bill 1277: Calling All California Dental Pros to Higher Standards

[Edited August 14, 2018]

Well, if you haven't heard, it is official. The Dental Board of California (DBC) passed the language of Assembly Bill 1277 back in May 2018 and it is calling all dental professionals to higher standards in dental unit waterline maintenance.

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How To Shock Your Dental Unit Waterlines

Dental waterlines are extremely susceptible to bacterial contamination. Why that’s the case is another conversation altogether, but because of that, they must be treated consistently and effectively.

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Talking Dental Water Safety with OSHA Trainer Kim Laudenslager

This month we sat down with Kim Laudenslager, an accomplished OSHA trainer and member of the Office Sterilization & Asepsis Procedures Research Foundation (OSAP). Laudenslager was named “2018 Consultant of the Year” by ProEdge Dental Water Labs for her dedication to her clients and her[...]

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Case Study: A Dental Practice's Commitment to Excellence

Helping dental professionals understand dental waterline treatment and achieve safe dental water… It’s what we do.

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