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Case Study: A Dental Practice's Commitment to Excellence


Helping dental professionals understand dental waterline treatment and achieve safe dental water… It’s what we do.

Ensuring safe dental water for nearly a dozen dental offices is tough. OSHA compliance officer, Jamie Marston, knows this all too well.

When Marston began requiring her offices to test their dental waterlines with ProEdge Dental Water Labs, the results were less than spectacular. Passionate about protecting her patients, Marston took advantage of our free consultations and began working with Water Safety Specialist, Kellie Thimmes, to discover a solution.

The Impact of Waterline Maintenance Experience

Thimmes began by sending instructional documents and engaging in consistent phone calls to walk Marston and her teams through waterline treatment procedures. Even though the half the offices utilized different dental water treatment products than the other half, Marston and Thimmes worked together to help each one get better results. All but two of the dental offices were passing their dental waterline tests.

Marston and Thimmes were encouraged by these results, but were dedicated to having every waterline achieve the safe water standard of less than 500 CFU/mL set by the CDC.

Finding the Missing Solution

For three months, these two offices attempted every possible waterline shocking and treatment solution. Nothing was working. After trying every other option, ProEdge decided to send a representative to the offices to perform an on-site assessment.

Upon arrival, the ProEdge representative discovered in both offices that the City-Bottle toggle switch had activated the city waterline. Rather than pulling source water from the shocked and treated water bottle source, they were pulling water from the un-shocked and untreated city water source.

After switching the toggle to collect from the water bottle source, both offices were quickly able to pass their dental waterlines tests. Which after three months, was a sigh of relief for Marston and her team.

Today, all of Marston’s offices are consistently passing their water tests and implementing dental waterline treatment best practices.

The combination of a practice dedicated to patient safety and exceptional care with a lot of dental waterline maintenance expertise got every office into compliance.


Waterline Treatment Takes Commitment

Achieving safe water comes down to education and commitment. Having accurate and detailed instructions empowered Marston to teach correct dental waterline testing, shocking, and treatment procedures to each office.

Dental waterline treatment is not difficult. But it does take commitment. The steps to success weren't overly complicated, but with ProEdge's experience as a support, Marston's offices were able to identify the problems and achieve safe water.

Jamie Marston is a Lead Dental Assistant and an OSHA Infection Control and Compliance Officer. She oversees nearly a dozen community dental offices on the east coast. Marston is passionate about patient protection, and has become a strong advocate for implementing effective dental waterline treatment and maintenance procedures.



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