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Which State Dental Boards Require CDC Compliance?

Updated July 2021

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have maintained virtually the same guidelines for dental infection control since 2003 on dental unit water quality. To help ensure the best dental practices rise to the top, most state dental boards have adopted specific language requiring[...]

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New Dental Waterline Regulations Coming to Washington State

In the aftermath of large and serious outbreaks in Orange County, CA and Atlanta, GA directly relating to dental unit waterlines, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission on the Washington State Department of Health has looked to create clear regulations for water safety in the dental office.

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How COVID19 Created Perfect Storm for Dental Waterline Contamination

While March seems like a different lifetime, the impact of COVID-19 dental office shutdowns remains heavy on our day-to-day work in the dental industry. And though many of us have adapted to some new state of "normal", infection prevention in dentistry is not the same.

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State by State Recommendations Regarding Dental Care During COVID19 Spread

This blog Post is no longer updated – Click the Map below for Updates

The ADA has released an interactive map that is updated daily to view state mandates and recommendations for dental practices in response to COVID19. We recommend you utilize this resource by clicking the map or following this[...]

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Announcing The Brand New QuickPass™ In-Office Dental Water Test

Over the last few years, there has not been a hotter topic in dentistry infection control than waterline maintenance. With tragic infection outbreaks in Atlanta, Georgia and Anaheim, California impacting at least 91 healthy children displayed across headlines via CNN, NPR, Good Morning America, the[...]

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The Comprehensive Dental Water Testing Guide

What is in your dental unit waterlines? 

You’ve probably seen the pictures and you’ve probably read the news headlines - looking for the answer to this question is not without stress.

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How To Shock Your Dental Unit Waterlines

Dental waterlines are extremely susceptible to bacterial contamination. Why that’s the case is another conversation altogether, but because of that, they must be treated consistently and effectively.

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California Dental Water Legislation Roundup - SB1491 & AB1277

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding California's recent legislation concerning dental water. This post is going to clear that up once and for all. 

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Dental Water Infection Outbreak in Anaheim - What Happened?

(Updated June 19, 2019)

In 2016, a dental unit waterline contamination at a pediatric practice in Anaheim, California led to mycobacterium abscessus infections in at least 71 children.

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10 Action Items Practices Should Take From OSAP's Dental Water Recommendations

If you haven't read the new OSAP white paper and recommendations on Dental Unit Water Quality, you’ve probably heard about it. 

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